In the run-up to the fourth World Social Forum held in Mumbai, India, in January 2004, civil activists and students organised a major series of seminars at the University of Delhi to discuss the Forum and its politics. The ‘Open Space Seminar Series’, as it came to be called, picked up on the idea of the Forum as a relatively free and open space, where all kinds of ideas could meet and be discussed.
This series of three books explores the new ideas generated by the discussions that took place in 2004 and has chapters based on the presentations made by academics and activists during the seminars, as well as the discussions arising from the presentations.
You can find more details on each of these three books on their links. The first of these books – Talking New Politics – was published by Zubaan, while the other two – Interrogating Empires and Imagining Alternatives – have been published jointly by OpenWord and Daanish Books.


Books in the Series
Volume I

Talking New Politics

Editors : Jai Sen, Mayuri Saini
Publisher : Zubaan
Volume II

Interrogating Empires

Editor : Jai Sen
Publishers : OpenWord and Daanish Books
Volume III

Imagining Alternatives

Editors: Jai Sen
Publishers : OpenWord and Daanish Books